As a transformation strategist and momentum architect, Erin collaborates with leaders and changemakers across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to co-create elegant solutions for the people they serve. 

Using people-centered, creative problem solving, she helps build social-emotional, technical, or physical resiliency and resourcefulness to support what comes next. Whether working with Fortune 100 companies, philanthropic foundations, or start-up social enterprises, she believes in conducting and composing change from the bottom-up and inside out.

You can find her working in Portland and New York and a few places in between producing or investing in movements and moments that inspire creative compassion and wholeheartedness to help us better navigate what comes next.

  • Founder, Social Impact Lab

  • Principal, studio b:ask

  • Managing Editor, Lyceum

  • Fellow, StartingBloc

  • Partner, SVP Portland

Other areas of expertise include Design Strategy, Change Management, Business Design and Development, Design Research, Engagement Strategy, Creative and Visual Facilitation, Sustainable Product and Service Design, and Improvisation & Impact Storytelling


Let’s make it better, together.